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Reconditioning Price List 

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Engine Detail:

Includes pressure clean and degrease engine compartment, protective dressing applied.                            $30                                      $30

(Note: not responsible for parts damaged as a result of an engine detail)



Exterior Detail:

Includes wash exterior, clean door jambs, clean & dress fender wells, clean and polish wheels,                 $90                                      $130

Clean and dress tires, removal of surface and sub-surface contaminants (ie: old wax, tar, bugs,

and rail or brake dust), high speed polish for scratch and swirl removal, wax applied, all

exterior chrome polished, restore all black trim, and exterior windows.



Interior Detail:

Includes vacuum, dry clean headliner, steam clean and protect dash, console,                                              $95                                      $135

door panels and all other plastic/vinyl surfaces, all leather surfaces steam cleaned, extract and

deodorize carpets, floor mats and upholstery, trunk cleaned, spare tire dressed, all clear plastic

and wood trim polished, interior windows.                                                                                                 



Complete Detail:

Includes Interior and Exterior detail packages as described above.                                                                  $200                                    $250




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